Import/Export Management & Marketing

Import/Export Management in the Middle East and Africa

From First Foundation to Critical Mass:
For a Fraction of the Cost

With proven expertise in the Middle East and Africa, Elado International Co. has a unique ability to introduce your new product/service to these regions. Elado can identify markets with the greatest potential for returns, then facilitate the introduction or expansion of your business. Moreover, we operate at a fraction of the cost of an in-house import/export department.

Elado International offers a complement of Import/Export Management Services including:

  • Identification of effective and dollar efficient forms advertising
  • Finding distributors appropriate for your business
  • Advisement on local regulation of packing, labeling and printings on your products
  • Management of all export documentation
  • Advise on US Customs regulations and formalities
  • Identification of the quickest and most cost effective methods of shipping
  • Advisement of regional monetary issues: method of payment, and letter of credit languages

From your business’ first foundations in the Middle East and Africa to critical mass we can partner with you. For detailed information and consultation of how your company can benefit from Elado International’s services, please contact us.

15 Years of Excellence

We have personnel willing to give your business around the clock attention at our locations in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Tanzania.
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